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U-cef always knew that at some point he wanted to go back to what he calls 'halal' music, the Moroccan sounds he was brought up with, so naturally he named his first album Halalium. A composer, producer and DJ, U-cef says 'I try musically to bring things together so they don't feel alien to each other - traditional music with urban beat London or New York hip-hop. Maybe somebody who is from somewhere dedicated to one thing will 'This is rubbish', but my belief is that nobody is made of one stuff.' Ultimately, with rave reviews from the Telegraph to DJ magazine, for U-cef it's really about the music, 'The thing with music is that no matter where you are from... it's only the music that matters'

U-Cef’s potential is as limitless as the Sahara’ -Chris Nickson

“One of the most ambitious and best-executed fusions of ethnic traditionalism and urban futurism I’ve ever heard” - Chicago Reader

“U-Cef is a drummer and a perfect creator of distant voices and magnetic sounds”- Il Manifesto

“U-Cef melts technological dance rhythms and big beats with the strength of the trance elements in the halal rhythms from Morocco” - World Music

“Here comes the world music of the new millennium” -Oor

“The dance floor is a natural habitat for U-Cef” -Time Out.

“U-Cef hasn’t just combined these elements to jump on the ‘world music’ bandwagon, he’s done it to bring the honoured tradition of Arabic music into the 21st century. Needless to say, he does it with finesse” - DJ Magazine

“A lesson in subtlety for all worldbeat remixers” - BFM

“In the same way that Outcaste did with Indian music, U-Cef has managed to show that dance music can be morphed into the most unlikely of places” - Music

''Exhilarating, entertaining, educative - and utterly extraordinary;; The Times (UK). ''In the same way that outcaste did with indian music, U-Cef has managed to show that dance music can be morphed into the most unlikely of places'' Muzik (UK). ''A milestone'' Blue Rythm (Germany) ''This disc is breathtakingly beautiful, uncompromisingly hard and as authentic as its musicians are real'' Songlines (UK) ''We've heard that whole Arabic jungle fusion thing fifty times and it hasn't worked. Well, this time, it works!'' Trax (France).


Album Title Halalium
Artist U-CEF
Track Names 1. The Moorish Matador (7'15'') 2. Aalash Kwawna (5'04'') 3. Tagazoot (5'27'') 4. Hijra (6'51'') 5. Gazel Fatma (7' 15'') 6 Halal Monk (3'51'') 7. Marrakech Raggamuffins (0' 20'') 8. Bouhala (6'07'') 9. DJ Faisal on the 1'N'2 (0'11'') 10. Maghreb Ca Passe ou ca Kasse (5'35'') 11. Sonic Moor (5' 39'') 12. Gnasaid (9'48'').
Country Moroccan dance music - Arabic dance music
Year 1999